Monday, February 4, 2013

The little things in life

I like to take pictures of crap under my microscope

so here we are

5mm is the width of the viewing area in all of these pictures

A precision metric ruler for scale

A baby gecko I caught in my front yard

A tiny spider on the sharp end of a toothpick

A larger, but still tiny, spider on a toothpick

A broken lightbulb filament(you can barely see the break even under this magnification)

Up close of my fingerprint

Tiny bits of pulverized biological matter found in tide pool sand

 Apple peel

 The tip of a Bic pen

 Light Emitting Diode

Connecting pins to a liquid crystal display

Tide pool sand(left) vs. beach sand(right)Both from San Diego

Stranded copper wire

Dont know what these are but I found them 
in my sand and i thought they were funny

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