Thursday, February 28, 2013

Macro Photography

Macro Bellows I made for my dslr
None of these pictures have the set 5mm viewing width I took them with my slr and I just wanted to dump them all here.
Wheel Bearing

Flannel Sheets


leather wallet

bottle cap

.22 bullet

sumo figurine

dos equis man

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.22 and oatmeal

shirt threads

Watch up close

brake pad threads

sumo figurine up closer

.22 even closer

oatmeal up close

more oatmeal

human hair on bike tire

closer up of watch

bug on tape

bug on tape

ripped off blister

baby gecko

thread up close

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threads on my shoe

cactus pokey

Bike tire sidewall
bike tire sidewall

bike tire nipple

bike sprocket

housefly macro

brake cable

brake cable

bike tire sidewall


close up of ant