Monday, February 4, 2013

Bugs under a microscope

All pictures on this blog are a a 5mm wide area
For better scale look at this picture and then look at the control key on your keyboard. This is what it would look like under this magnification. i put a small bug on it for no reason at all
Baby gecko licking its lips. Also I am aware that a gecko is not a bug, but it was tiny so here it is

Tiny bug on a small bug

Mosquito. this is double magnification so viewing area is 2.5 mm



Scropion tail and sting. If you look very closely you can see the channel the venom travels through

Spider monchin on some mosquito. viewing area still 5mm its just zoomed in a little

Spiders lair (lots of dead crap)

Bunch of seed pods on a leaf and some newborn flies


Butterfly wing



More roach

More roach

Creepy spider face

Creepy spider maw

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  1. The butterfly wings are an amazing art piece - the roach is disgusting!!!